Truth or Lie? Who to believe. (Depp Heard Trial Thoughts)

Roxann Lewis
3 min readMay 26, 2022


All credit to CNN for photo of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the Depp Heard Trial 2022.

The Depp Heard trial has me on THE edgeeeee of my seat. Captivated by the testimonies from Johnny and Amber, best friends, security guards, hotel managers, airport staff, personal assistants, TMZ media dispatcher, psychologists, digital forensic experts …(inhale) the list is exhaustive! But I get it! I get why we are so captivated. Its the he said, she said juggle we have to witness, compounded by the evidence or lack thereof from either party. It is also the fandom surrounding the celebrities (Johnny D).

I meannnn! Sometimes I find myself so immersed in the teledrama/trial drama that I cant even complete my tasks. I was hooked when I saw some outtakes from the trial on YouTube which made me have a sense of FOMO. So you know, who started watching this trial though a few weeks late!

Gworl! Sir! The whirlwind trial has legit swept the airwaves. Everybody and their mama is watching the unfolding of this Depp v Heard. I mean that literally, as my mom, is now hooked! There were statements brought up by Amber’s legal team that really tried to paint Johnny Depp as an abuser physically, emotionally and mentally and more significantly with regards to his drug use. I have no doubt that Johnny takes drugs, as a matter of fact he corroborated that fact. In relationships, both partners will have differing opinions on various topics, habits, routines, food preferences and jealousy may even make an appearance now and then. With differing opinions, there may be arguments and the midst of an argument, there may be name calling, abusive language and if heated enough a physical altercation may ensue.

Note my stance — I do NOT under ANY circumstance agree with intimate partner violence in any form including verbal, physical, emotional or psychological. (#MeToo, #MenToo) I do believe, based on the testimonies presented by both parties, that abuse in some form took place in the Depp Heard relationship. To what extend by either party is the more appropriate question for belief to set in.

Now what has baffled me throughout Ms. Heard’s (Camille Vasquez voice) testimony, is the lack of evidence from Amber Heard regarding the traumatic physical abuse that she has undergone for the duration of their relationship. The limited photos presented, as dissected by the Depp Counsel really put into question the authenticity and staging of each. The broken nose, the bruised ribs, the swollen face, the bruised spine …. I am just not able to fathom WHY those were NOT captured nor presented as a strengthening factor in the case?? WHY AMBER? (Calm down). Amber has shown the writings on the mirror, JD sleeping/passed out, an organized table with liquor, broken glass, blood stains, a bruised arm, audio conversations, portrait photos, frail photos of herself but not the traumatic and crippling bruises with supported medical files and police complaints. Sigh.

I do believe that Amber and Depp went through a tumultuous relationship. Her frail image and lack of pure joy depicted in the photos was reflective of the sad/ugly side of their relationship without a doubt. I can empathize with her.

As a jury in the court of public opinion, I am unable to connect with her in believing the heaviness of the narrative being told where Johnny is depicted as a behemoth drug addict and physical abuser. There was not enough evidence or testimony to convince me of same. It would seem based on my article thus far that it is Amber’s case to prove and not Johnny’s. Maybe I'm skewed by the Edward Scissors Hand, Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka person we all know and love on the big screen. But Amber …. I am struggling to believe you.

Drum rolllllllllllll ….. For now I ask you, has Camille Vasquez, Ben Chew and the other members of the Depp team, done enough to convince you/retain/solidify our belief in Johnny Depp as being the victim rather than the perpetrator in this relationship? We will see. But for now let’s hear the closing arguments on Friday, May 27, 2022 and make our own determination of the victim v villain.



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