Millennial dating: Ugh!

Dating nowadays consists of rolling eyes, face palms and deep sighs. Social media has contributed to a watered down dating culure filled with sexual innuendos as a greeting or banter. Sigh. The Millennial generation has taken a turn for the worst in their approach to courtship, flirting or getting to know each other. Let’s not even touch Gen Z.

Why is it that when men approach women the sentence that proceeds ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ is, “Do you want to see my dick?”, “I could eat you all day” or “Send me a picture?” What is happening?! Why aren’t we having meaningful conversations anymore which consists of learning about each others interests, hobbies, family, work or school, discovering one’s playful side by engaging in PG activities, wholesome fun games etc.?

The hyper gratified aspect of ourselves push past the getting to know you phase to the intimate conversations and immediacy of hooking up. Why are we placing such high value on the physical romance rather than emotional connection. The physicality of a relationship is not enough to sustain a long term romantic relationship. Then again, are long term relationships i.e. marriage desired anymore?

A Rolling Stones article written by Elizabeth Sherman titled “Inside the awkward world of millennial dating” stated that ‘as much as Millennials share online, they still don’t trust it to find love. This is an era of experimentation for young people as they try to have it all: their obsession with the Internet and their desire for intimacy.’ Elizabeth went on to state ‘If you’re single, struggling to reconcile the distance that the Internet somehow both creates and closes between potential partners, how better to avoid the social awkwardness of face-to-face interactions and assuage the fear of rejection than by sliding into some hot girl’s DMs, comfortable in the illusion of a personal conversation without actually having one?’

Let’s not get even get into the Ghosting attitude this generation has when they can’t bother to express themselves if something does not go there way. Ugh. I’m tired of it and I am frustrated with this generation’s lack of effort in getting to know someone before dishing the sexual foreplay.

I want that traditional type of love where we have conversations for hours, we bask in the delight of each others company, we are playful, happy, we attend to church, concerts, adventures and are desirous of building a life together. This come and give me your vagina approach by men is unwelcomed and absolutely repulsive.

I am patiently waiting on the man God has for me, so in the interim, I will just prepare myself through self improvement. Work hard, collect the coins, treat myself and live my life happily.



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Roxann Lewis

Roxann Lewis

I write about developing a growth mindset, self improvement, relationships and personal branding.